Viral Video of Dhadrianwale : PAKHANDVAAD Vs CHITTA

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Sikh preacher Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale, who had escaped a murderous attack in May earlier this year, has yet again courted controversy.
The Sikh preacher, during his discourse at his dera near Patiala last night, stated that as a Congress MLA resigned from his seat over the sacrilege incident, those in power (SAD-BJP) were busy fighting the byelections and winning it with a huge margin.
While taking a jibe at the state SAD-BJP combine, Dhadrianwale said politicians were winning elections by wooing voters with liquor. He exhorted his followers to encourage people not to waste their crucial votes for liquor and other allurements.
The clipping of the particular part of the discourse soon went viral among the followers of Dhadrianwale.
The Sikh preacher had recently expressed his anguish, accusing the Punjab Government of sheltering criminals. He moved the Punjab and Haryana high Court seeking a CBI investigation into the attack on him and his followers.

Unlike opium and poppy husk, preferred by addicts in the past, ‘Chitta’, a synthetic intoxicant has become the ‘drug of choice’ for numerous youths in Punjab. This ‘Chitta’ is widely considered to be another name for the dangerous illegal substance known as ‘Heroin’.

As the Punjab 2017 elections draw closer, the political parties are raising the issue of tackling illegal drug abuse and ridding the state from the ‘Chitta’ menace. However, what is absent in all the election manifestos is the issue of ‘Pakhandvaad’, a serious problem which can be argued to be a causing factor in breeding the drug crisis. Why is the crucial issue of Pakhandvaad missing from the political manifestos? Why are those who have hidden the wisdom of Guru Granth Sahib Ji allowed to roam free?

There is a strong case that Pakhandvaad is even more treacherous than the illegal drugs themselves. The false self-proclaimed ‘God-men’ roam free and hide the message of truth from the masses. Is it not the case that obstruction of the truth of Gurmat in effect results in the use of the illegal substances? If the message of Guru Granth Sahib Ji had not been hidden from the masses, then people would never have looked towards drugs. The reason the people of Punjab began to abuse illegal drugs for intoxication is because they never managed to experience the real intoxication from Gurbani. Pakhandvaad has hidden this message of truth.

How can politicians target the root of the problem when on the one hand they say they will confront drug abuse, but at the same time they also go to the Dera’s, kneel before Pakhandi’s to beg for votes? Declarations to prevent access to drugs but simultaneously promoting Pakhandvaad won’t clean up the Punjab. One should have a solid transparent stance. Chasing the Dera’s for votes are not the qualities of anyone who will work for truth.

Those who introduced illegal substances such as ‘Chitta’ into Punjab are the culprits. However, those who introduced Pakhandvaad and blocked the message of Guru Sahib Ji from reaching the masses are the bigger culprits.

There can be no double-standards, what is truth, is only that – truth. The truth can never be compromised. Is there any political party or leader ready to target the root problems?

What is Guru Amardas Ji’s Bachan for those who sing vulgar songs? Many Parcharaks or those in high positions will if necessary challenge, for example, the local Gurdwara President for any wrongdoing. But will the same people have the courage to take a similar stance to say the SGPC President? Whether it’s the village Gurdwara President or it’s Avtar Singh Makkar, whether it’s the village Sarpanch or it’s the Chief Minister of Punjab, the application of truth is equal and for all.

In this day and age many Parcharaks will alter the stance according to the so-called ‘hierarchy’ of the individual they are speaking to. If a Katha Vachak is doing Katha at the Manji Sahib Hall and one requests them to speak up against the Beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, they will fearfully remain silent and say that their “duty” will be withdrawn if they speak the truth. But if that is the case, then such people should not bother with their Katha and instead open a local shop or take up farming, or another career. Would Guru Nanak Dev Ji ever have thought twice they were about to challenge Babar?

Constantly we are always stating our Guru’s took that stance, our historic warriors took this stance, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale remained firm in that stance – but where is OUR stance? If Sant Bhindranwale used every opportunity to speak the truth and say it how it was, what has happened now when others have had the microphone in their hand? Why is the truth not being promoted, why the double-standards and why is it not being said how it is?

The truth does not ever compromise. Those who walk on such a path will inevitably make enemies and face oppression. History dating back to the Guru’s times is witness to this that the majority find it easier to “go with the flow” and follow the masses like sheep, even if that path is wrong. The Guru’s were living examples who did not follow the masses of their times. Carving a new path or staying committed to speaking the truth is often a path of persecution.

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