Reply to Canadian Citizen Bibi who slams students

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During a live program on Canadian Tv, An Indian Canadian Citizen lady slams Punjabi Students for everything and without any relevant reason. Words of Bibi and Tv host anger Punjabi Students and there are so many replies to Bibi and the radio/Tv host .Soon after the video went viral, social media flooded with replies to Bibi and the host. Watch what Dhillon Amandeep and Punjabi Singer Galav waraich say about Bibi and also told the reality of the people who used illegal ways to go to Canada.

Its pertinent to mention that according to latest media reports,Canada has announced new immigration measures that are likely to prove beneficial to international students in the country, a fair percentage of whom are from India.
The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada department has outlined changes to the Express Entry programme, which enhance the process of granting permanent residency to highly skilled immigrants and students who graduate from Canadian institutions.According to estimates, students from India comprise about 14% of the total international students in Canada, ranking behind only China among the top source countries.
The number of international students in Canada rose 88% between 2004-2005 and 2013-2014, according to the latest available data. The increase has been from 66,000 students nearly a decade ago to 124,000, and international students now represent nearly 11% of the total on Canadian campuses.

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