Reply to Canada wali Bibi

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A Canadian Punjabi Girl has replied to Canada wali Bibi who spoke against Punjabi students in Canada.

Indian students in Canada, wishing to obtain permanent residency after studies, will benefit from a revision in the calculation of points under the Express Entry Program (EEP), as their education will fetch points.Currently , there are nearly 50,000 students from India and their numbers are growing. Earlier, foreign students studying in Canada did not get any points. Now from November 19, as per the revised instructions issued by Canada’s department of citizenship and immigration, foreign students will be able to add more points to their EEP applications based on their course of study and time spent in Canada.

According to Canadian government statistics published by the Canadian Magazine of Immigration, the number of foreign students in Canada has more than doubled over the past decade from 1.72 lakh in 2004 to 3.56 lakh as at the end of 2015. India was the second largest source country , since 2012. The number of Indian students rose by 630% from just 6,675 in 2004 to 48,914 in 2015, constituting 13.7% of the total foreign student population. Engineering, including IT, business management, pharmacy related courses and hospitality management are generally top choices for Indian students wishing to study in Canada.

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