Yograj Singh is a greedy actor : Ranjha Vikram Singh

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Ranjha Vikram Singh claims that Yograj Singh is a greedy actor. Its notable that during an interview, Yograj Singh takes a dig at Ranjha Vikram Singh ‘s movie 25 kile. Apparently, Yograj Singh seems unsatisfied with his role in the movie.

Vikram Singh also known as Ranjha Vikram Singh. He is a producer and actor. He has been worked in Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil and Telgu films. He is known for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015), Mumbai Godfather (2005) and Aatma (2006).

Vikram Singh began his acting career with the 2005 film Mumbai Godfather, where he performed as the character Ram ‘Romeo’. He starred in assorted Hindi language films until 2012, when he made his Telugu debut with Raghava Lawrence’s Rebel. In 2014 he starred in three films, Ya Rab, 1, and Heropanti.

Ranjha, who was last seen in Punjabi film, 25 Kille, will be seen in another Punjabi film, Motor Mitran Di, releasing December 30. He is also set to announce his big Bollywood project where he plays a boxer! For the moment, Ranjha sits confident on Motor Mitran Di.
“The film is directed by Amitoj Mann, and it is a satirical take on the dhongi babas of today,” shares Ranjha, who is sure about the subject getting a thumbs-up from the audience!
“The film is not about any particular baba. It is a satire on every dhongi baba as I mentioned before.”
Here is an actor, who doesn’t sing and is still trying to create his niche in this industrty. Now, this is one question he has been asked one time too many. “Actually, I feel grateful to all the Punjabi singer-actors for taking this industry this far, and making it popular. At present, if it has to be taken to another level, then it needs only actors,” he emphasis on the words actor.
Actor sure he is, Ranjha carries a business acumen too. “My father passed away when was I pretty young. I’ve been handling business ever since. My bhabhi and I have a production house called Running Horses Pictures that also co-produced 25 Kille,” adds the actor, who has put his business skills to movie making many a time, “the results have been excellent always,” adds this trained boxer from New Zealand, who was also the lead villain of Bollywood film, Heropanti!
“I will be playing the balancing act now, focusing more on Punjabi films, at the same time, working on Bollywood and films down South too.”
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