Many UK Sikhs prefer not being called Indian

By 26th November 2016 0 Comments

sikhsLondon-Many Sikhs in the UK reject being described as “Indian” and would prefer a separate ethnic category created for a Sikh identity, according to the findings of the UK Sikh Survey 2016 released today.

The annual survey by the Sikh Network, involving 4,500 respondents, also found that the community continues to face discrimination and hate crimes.

“This report contains the network’s findings and is intended to assist government departments, other public bodies and political parties to understand existing trends and developments of the British Sikh community. “Nineteen of 20 Sikhs reject being described as ‘Indian’ or; 93.5 per cent would welcome the inclusion of a separate ethnic tick box for Sikhs in the Census 2021; and more than 94 per cent would welcome a Statutory Code of Practice for the five Ks [kesh, kara, kanga, kachha and kirpan] and Sikh turban,” the survey concludes.

It also highlights that a majority of respondents want an “independent probe” into the actions of the UK government in the lead up to and after the attack on Sri Drabar Sahib Amritsar.

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