Viral Video : Indian Fraud Agent vs Punjabi Youths

By 29th November 2016 0 Comments

A video which has gone viral on social media in which a agent is thrashed by Punjabi Youths for spoiling their life and extort money from them with pretext of Immigration and get them “Pakka” in UK. Youth alleged that the Agent named as Mohan Lal urf Bittu urf Sunny has took money from them with false promise to arrange legal status for them and on the name of Immigration in UK .

Youths in this video can be seen thrashing Agent and alleging that the Agent has took RS 16 Lakh and Rs 10 Lakh respectively from them. It seems those youths do not know name and identification of the Agent and Agent is not telling his name.

But in Another Video recording/ message which is sent by victim via whatsapp has revealed the identification of the Fraud Agent.

Victim sent the recording with the identification and pictures of the Fraud Agent and made some more revelations regarding this agent. The victim, who sent the recording claims that this agent doing “Thaggi” by using fake identification, fake names as well as fake bank account.

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