Speeding vehicles collide on Yamuna Expressway

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New Delhi: This news is for all those who use Yamuna Expressway for commuting to other cities.

Because of over speeding and careless driving, frequently, accidents are taking place in this expressway.

The CCTV camera’s installed in the expressway, at regular intervals, have captured some horrific, bone-chilling accidents.

It is not only that those driving four-wheelers are cruising at high-speed here but also those riding two-wheelers are accelerating their throttles to the limit and testing their luck.

Interestingly, heavy vehicles like trucks are also losing their control due to over speeding.

Taking stock of the so many accidents, the Yamuna Expressway Authority decided to look into the matter.

Arun Kumar, CEO of Yamuna Expressway Authority said-“Speed of 70 to 80 percent people is found around 150km/h. We will take corrective actions and those over-speeding, their photos will be published in the newspapers”.

Authority said that they are doing everything they can to check over speeding but unless and until people will themselves take precautions, these fatal accidents are bound to take lives.
video: ABP news

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