Tantrik, Girl & mom in police net

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JAISALMER: A tantrik, a 22-year-old woman and her mother have been arrested by the Barmer police on Friday following an incident in which a newborn girl was found abandoned in a garbage dump at Dhananiyon Ka Tala Shriramwala of Dhanau six days ago.


The woman has been remanded in police custody for two days and her mother and the tantrik sent to jail.
According to Chauhatan police station in-charge Om Prakash Vishnoi, a police team was formed to investigate the issue of the abandoned child on the directions of SP Gagandeep Single.
Following a tip-off, they raided the house of culprits and arrested the mother-daughter duo and the tantrik, Purnagiri, who was allegedly in an illicit relationship with the daughter.
Purnagiri, a resident of Shriramwala, is known as a practitioner of the occult. He used to visit the house of the duo often and fell in love with the daughter.
Later, the mother found that her daughter had become pregnant and got the delivery done at home in secrecy . Purnagiri allegedly took the newborn girl and abandoned her in agarbage dump

The newborn was treated at the district hospital for three days and the child welfare committee of Barmer handed the child over to Navjeevan Sansthan in Jodhpur two days ago.
The police have lodged a case against the three under sections 315, 317 and 308. If found guilty, they could be sentenced for a maximum period of 10 years. Around two dozen people from Barmer have shown interest in adopting the newborn girl. But, as per rules, such children can only be given for adoption after three months.

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