Raj Brar : Sharab

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PUNJABI singer, actor, lyricist and music director Raj Brar died at Government Medical College and Hospital in Chandigarh.Raj Brar may be was the first Punjabi icon to speak with no reservation of his dark days of being a hard-core alcoholic and then living through the humiliating days at a rehabilitation center. He told it all from the days when he took his first drink to the days he could not part from it and kept a bottle under his bed sheets. He recounted the three-month-long horrible experience at the rehabilitation center, his excessive drinking that continued after he left that center, the financial and marital complexities he faced during this time, the day he was so close to dying to the day he left the hospital fully recovered from his addiction.

Furthermore, he spoke of the alleged shocking realities of a rehabilitation centre in Bathinda, a well-known town in the state of Punjab, India, where he had been admitted. He said that he had decided to share these horrific details with the Canadian crowd as fees for most of the patients there, are paid by the NRI (Non-Resident Indians) who think they are doing a favour for their relatives living in India.During his stay at this rehab center, he alleged he was mentally tortured and deprived of many basic necessities of life. He alleged that patients were regularly beaten and there


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