Badal’s statement after Shoe Attack

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Shoe-hurling incident show opponents lost the game: Badal
Chandigarh : The Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal said here today that the incident of shoe- throwing by a person from outside his constituency has proved beyond doubt that our opponents have lost the game and want to scuttle a peaceful , free and fair poll. “ Here is clear proof that our opponents have conceded defeat in these elections and were now resorting to such disruptive tactics ,“ said the CM
He however added that “as father figure in the state,” he would continue to walk the path of patience, peace and communal harmony for development and prosperity of my state.

“Behind such incidents are people who want to set Punjab on flames again and push the youth of Punjab back into the jaws of bloodshed and confrontation from which the people of the state have emerged after unspeakable sacrifices. These desperate elements have the backing of our political rivals who are increasingly turning desperate, seeing that all their tall talk and boastfulness about these elections has turned out to be mere day dreaming, and Punjab is set to vote SAD-BJP back for a third tenure in service of the people.
He said that the incident was just one more attempt by our opponents to deflect the attention of the people of Punjab from the agenda of peace and massive all-round development being pursued vigorously by the SAD-BJP government over the past ten years.
Mr Badal said that the person who indulged in today’s incident is not even from the Chief Minister’s constituency, Lambi, and is closely related to our political opponents with who have no faith in the peaceful, democratic path. “Our opponents are scared to talk of peace and development because everyone can see the performance of the SAD-BJP government on the peace , communal harmony and development fronts,” he said.
Mr Badal however said that as a father figure in the state, he would never be either provoked or desisted from his path of service of the people. “These people emerge like seasonal birds at the time of elections. But I have stayed amid the people every day of my life. Nothing will stop me from following this path shown to us by the great Gurus,” said Mr Badal.
The Chief Minister said that the Shiromani Akali Dall is inspired by the path shown by the great Gurus , saints and seers and will continue to walk firmly on the path of peace, communal harmony and development. “Our faith in and our commitment to the cause of service of the people is too strong to be shaken by such acts,” said the Chief Minister.
Mr Badal was referring to the incident in which one Gurbachan Singh of Jhurd Khera , a village near Abohar and Fazilka, who is closely related to Amrik Singh Ajnala of the radical factions had tried to throw a shoe at the CM. Mr Badal said that in his long life he had faced far bigger challenges from elements backed by our political opponents. “But I have always had faith in my people. And this will continue on the path of peace, communal harmony and all round development of Punjab as long as I am alive.”


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