Ex-Akali minister Janmeja Sekhon declared ‘tankhaiya’

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Sri Akal Takht Sahib on Friday declared former Akali minister JanmejaSekhon ‘tankhaiya’ for seeking votes from the Dera Sirsa Ram Rahim ahead of the Punjab assembly elections. 

Sekhon, who appeared before the highest temporal seat on Friday, was the only politician who had failed to do so on April 17. In all, 38 politicians from different parties had appeared before Sri Akal Takht Sahib that day, of which 21 were asked to serve ‘tankha’ at Sri Darbar Sahib , which they completed on April 30.

Holding Sekhon guilty of violating Sri Akal Takht Sahib’s 2007 edict directing Sikhs to boycott the Sirsa dera, the Sikh clergy directed him to perform ‘sewa’ at the Gurdwara Jamani Sahib Bajidpur in Ferozepur and Sri Darbar Sahib besides making donations.

On April 17, Sri Akal Sahib Takht had held 43 political leaders guilty of violating its May 2007 ‘hukumnama’ to boycott dera head Gurmeet Ram Rah over his alleged impersonation of Guru Gobind Singh. Sekhon, former CM Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Ajaib Singh Bhatti and Arjun Badal (Manpreet Badal’s son) had not turned up that day.
Sekhon has been directed to perform three-day ‘jodha sewa’ (cleaning shoes of devotees) at Gurdwara Jamni Sahib in Ferozepur and washing utensils in the langar hall for one hour daily, followed by cleaning of the gurdwara’s parikrama. Subsequently, he will perform two days’ ‘jodha sewa’ and ‘jal sewa’ (serving water to devotees) at the Golden Temple for one hour daily.
Later, he will offer “karah parshad” of Rs 501 and Rs 5,100 in the “golak” at the time of “ardas”, to be performed at the Akal Takht. The other leaders had claimed that they could not appear before the clergy as they were abroad or not well, the Takht Jathedar said.
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