Shameless Swami: Swami OM launches Bra Brand

By 12th May 2017 0 Comments


Swami Om can be rightfully renamed as ‘Tharki Baba.’ The man, who has been known for creating controversies time and again, is back in news again. Thanks to this new video. It was just last week that the video of the Baba meditating when a girl was dancing wearing a two piece bikini came out. Now in the latest Video, Swami Om can be seen advertising Bra Brand.

Om Swami was one of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house this season who created quite a chaos during his stint there. After throwing his pee on fellow contestants, abusing the ladies of the house and breaking rules, host Salman Khan had little choice but to throw him out of the house. Not much has changed after he moved out of the house, Om Swami has been seen dancing on sleazy songs with bikini girls, calling Salman a terrorist and fighting with Rakhi Sawant on TV.


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