Girl Begs Dad For Cancer Treatment, Video Goes Viral After Death

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In a heart-rending video that is going viral on social media, a 13-year-old girl is seen begging her father to pay for her medical treatment. The video went viral few days after her death.
Sai Sri who was reportedly diagnosed with bone narrow cancer succumbed to her death on Sunday, May 14.

In the video the victim is seen pleading her father for the treatment saying her hands and feet hurt and she wants to go to school to play with her friends once again.
In the video Sai Sri says, “Daddy. You say that you don’t have money. At least we have this house. Please sell this house and pay for my treatment daddy. Or else, they (doctors) say that I won’t survive for long. Please do something and save me.”

The video has made such an impact that the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in Andhra Pradesh has taken up the case of her death and has asked for a police probe in the incident.

The SHRC is now alleging that even though Sai’s father could afford the expenses of the treatment he did not spend a single penny for her treatment.

As per reports, the parents of the child were separated long back when she was a baby. Sai lived with her mother in Vijayawada, while her father lived in Bengaluru.
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