When Captain Amarinder was betrayed by INDIA !!

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captainamarinderchandrashekharCaptain felt betrayed when India killed Khalistani militants who had surrendered through Captain Amarinder Singh 26 years ago :
Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has tweeted to speak about fake encounters of Khalistani militants 26 years ago. He writes that he arranged for surrender of 21 Khalistani militants but felt betrayed when those militants were killed by Chandrashekhar Government of that time. ( Chandrashekhar was CM of India from Nov 1990 to June 1991 ).

Captain Amrinder Singh used microblogging site twitter and writes on his verified twitter account :
I felt betrayed by then PM Chandra Shekhar after 21 Khalistani militants I arranged to surrender were killed. Never spoke to him after that.



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