Amritsar Class 12 girl hangs herself with dupatta in classroom

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A Class 12 student, Simran Kaur, committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan of her classroom at Jagat Jyoti Senior Secondary School here on Friday.
The school caretaker, Veena Kumari, found Simran hanging when she came to lock the classroom after students of Class 12 had dispersed for the day around 11.45am.
She told police it was was her duty to clean the classrooms and then lock the doors after the school got over. As she saw Simran’s body, she rushed to inform the principal of the school.

Director of the school Mukesh Puri said, “Simran’s class got over around 11.15am and like everyday, along with other students, she came downstairs to wait for her auto-rickshaw. No one knows what happened and at what time she left her bag in the waiting room, went upstairs and hanged herself.”
“It was only when Veena, who went inside the class, brought it to my notice that we immediately untangled her and rushed her to hospital.”
“She was struggling to breathe as she had choked herself with her own dupatta. We rushed her to Amandeep Hospital in my car. Doctors tried to revive her but she could not survive,” he said.
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