Swami OM whipped

By 21st May 2017 0 Comments


One of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 10 has once again made into the headlines for all the wrong reasons. On Friday, Swami Om was invited to an event and when he went there, he was beaten up badly by the mob.

According to various news reports, “During Nathu Ram Godse’s birth anniversary, a programme was conducted in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar area. Like any other guest, Swami Om was also invited for the event. As soon as the Big Boss 10 contestant went up the stage to make a quick speech, few people in the crowd grew agitated. The mob was furious that an imposter monk was invited over the birth anniversary of such a great personality. They took it as an insult to Nathu Ram Godse’s name.”

Self-proclaimed godman was grabbed by the public and beaten black and blue. However, Swami managed to get away from the crowd to get in his car but mod had damaged his car too.


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