2 Boys Stripped, Paraded With Garlands Of Slippers For ‘Stealing’ Food

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Two children aged eight and nine were stripped, tonsured and paraded wearing a garland of slippers for allegedly stealing a food packet from a shop in Ulhasnagar near Mumbai on Saturday. The accused shopkeepers not only assaulted and humiliated the two children, but also recorded their acts on mobile phones.
Shockingly, the incident took place in front of a crowd, but none came forward to stop them.

The incident took place when the boys were playing near their home in Prem Nagar area in Ulhasnagar. They walked up to the neighbourhood sweet shop owned by Mehmood and stole a packet of ‘chaklis’, a pretzel-like snack made of rice flour, and fled.
Police said Mehmood who saw them shoplifting, asked his sons to teach them a lesson. Irfan and Salim caught both children and dragged them towards the shop. The duo shaved a part of their heads and then took their footwear and strung it around them. Finally they stripped the children and paraded them on the street.
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