Jinder Mahal VS Khali

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Jinder Mahal’s first storyline in the WWE was with The Great Khali, and he established himself as a heel right away, slapping Khali on an episode of SmackDown.Two Punjabi wrestlers, pitting against each other some foul play of manipulation. It made for some great fodder for fans. He interrupted a ‘Khali kiss cam segment’ and slapped the tower house twice!
Jinder Mahal is not the first person in his family to become a professional wrestler. His uncle is Gadowar Singh Sahota, who wrestled under the name Gama Singh in the 1980s. Singh performed for the WWE during this time, back when the company was still called World Wrestling Federation.
Over the next few months, Mahal engaged in a few random feuds with superstars like Ted DiBiase, Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Ryback.

In 2012, Mahal started a long storyline in which he teamed up with Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater; this team became known as 3MB, and their main role tended to be losing to other wrestlers.

“I think that every week we would go in and it would be an adventure when we would learn what we were going to do for the week,” he told Slam Wrestling. “We would always look forward to doing it to the best of our abilities. We prided ourselves on doing whatever — we could do serious matches, we could do comedy skits in the back. We did a lot of segments on the WWE App that they gave us a lot of creative freedom, and we would make the best out of them, trying to make them as funny as possible.”


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