Caught on Camera : Attempt To Loot Shopkeeper In Ludhiana

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Ludhiana : In a robbery incident in the Meena Bazar area of city, on May 31, in a shop located just 300 meters from the police station, robbers a targeted the shopkeepers. This incident has raised many questions on the law and order in the city.

The whole incident was captured in the CCTV camera in the shop. In which two robbers riding on the bike came and tried to rob a confectionery shopkeeper at the arms, but 45-year-old shopkeeper Narinder Pal Singh courageously fought with them.Meanwhile, the accused attacked the shopkeeper with a sharp weapon and injured him, but after being wounded, the shopkeeper did not give up and he fought with the robbers.The robbers could not stand up and tried to ran away from the place, but shopkeeper kept one of them as his son Jasmeet and the people around the shop reached there. He came and grabbed one of them, while the other one managed to get away from the spot. People handed over the robber to the police. According to the owner, the police recovered the money and arms looted from the accused.
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