Cop caught-on-cam ‘molesting’ two sisters

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A policeman was suspended after a video of him, allegedly molesting two sisters, went viral on social media. The incident happened at the Karhal Gate Police Station in Mainpouri, Uttar Pradesh.
The sisters had gone to the police station to register a complaint of molestation.
The situation turned ugly when the policeman started misbehaving with the sisters inside the police station.
The video that has gone viral shows the accused policeman Ishwari Prasad lying down and touching one of the girls in an inappropriate manner.

Prasad, however, has given a different version in his defence, saying that the girls came to him saying a man had insulted them by trying to grab the drawstrings of their pants. To which he replied saying that nobody wore such kind of clothes these days. He added that he just touched her hand while asked them to go.
However, after the video went viral, the accused cop has been suspended by Superintendent of Police (SP) Rajesh S. The investigation into the incident has been handed over to the city’s Circle Officer.
SP Rajesh has assured that no sort of misbehaviour with the complainants would be tolerated. (With inputs from ANI)
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