London Apartment Tower Erupts in Flames

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Hundreds of rescue personnel were at the scene of a mammoth fire at a residential tower in West London on Wednesday, police said. Authorities said 30 people were taken to hospitals.
Police, fire and ambulance crews raced to Grenfell Tower, part of the Lancaster West housing estate about a mile northwest of Kensington Palace.
London Ambulance Service confirmed 30 patients have been taken to five hospitals. More than 20 ambulances are attending the incident.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is working to confirm whether any Australians have been involved in the fire.

There are distressing scenes at one of the roadblocks on Latimer Road in west London where terrified residents are seeking information about their families.
One woman screamed and was supported by another woman as she collapsed on the road.
The crowd is calling out to the police to give them information and police are compiling a list of names of those who have been evacuated and anyone still missing.
Police are currently clearing crowds away from the area because they “need space for casualties”.
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