Eh Dekho Ki Ho reha

By 15th June 2017 0 Comments


A video surfaced on internet in which a lady is pretending to be under impact of some super natural power. A Tantrik who is doing Beadvi of Sikh Kakkars trying to remove evil spirit from woman’s body.

We may be in the 21st Century but there are still people, mostly in rural areas, governed by black magic, witchcraft, and general superstitious beliefs. They would rather consult an exorcist or a ‘tantrik’ than a doctor or a financial planner to cure them of problems. At the heart of this conundrum perhaps lies our unshakeable belief in baseless, unscientific, and very often dangerous faith in the supernatural powers and the occult. And in India, this faith has been carefully woven into our mainstream religious practice too.


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