India and Pakistan cricket fans clash in Leicester

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India and Pakistan cricket fans clash in Leicester street after ICC Champions Trophy final

Rival cricket fans threw missiles at one another on a Leicester road last night after Pakistan beat India in the ICC Champions Trophy final.

Belgrave Road was blocked off as supporters came out onto the streets following the game.

Videos show rival groups of fans on either side of the road goading one another and throwing missiles while police stand in between.
The behaviour of fans was condemned by social media users who were stunned by what was happening.

Belgrave Road and nearby Melton Road were also closed on June 4, when India beat Pakistan in the initial rounds of the tournament, prompting several complaints from residents in the East Midlands town that has a large population of South Asian origin.

Major political and other developments in India and Pakistan often find an echo in Britain, reflecting the many levels of historical and contemporary engagement. Some areas and towns are identified with South Asian countries and regions.Several videos of clashes between rival supporters in Southall, Leicester and elsewhere were circulated on social media. Their behaviour was condemned on social media by people across the country.

A Leicestershire police spokesman said on Sunday night: “Belgrave Road has been reopened following an incident of public order. A large group of people gathered in the area earlier this evening following the final of a cricket match between India and Pakistan.


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