Viral Video : Pakistani Fans Taunt Virat Kohli

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Indian captain Virat Kohli stokes extreme passion among cricket fans across the globe. His brand of cricket relies on no half-measures, resulting in him polarizing opinion of the cricketing community. While Kohli believes he is supremely confident of his skills as a cricketer, some of his detractors describe him as ‘arrogant’. An example of this was witnessed after India’s Champions Trophy final loss to Pakistan. As the Indian team made its way back to the dressing room after the match, a Pakistani fan mocked the Indian captain.
“Akad toot gai hai teri Kohli saari haan, akad toot gai hai,” he said as Kohli went past him.

Kohli, who in the past has confronted fans, did not react and went straight to the dressing room.
However, pacer Mohammed Shami lost his cool when the fan said “Baap kaun hai,” multiple times as he walked by.
Shami stopped in his tracks, turned back and moved towards the fan to confront him. However, former Indian captain MS Dhoni stepped in to diffuse the situation and calm Shami down.


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