When Trump comes to know about Modi ‘G’

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Donald Trump avoids hug from Indian PM Narendra Modi
When when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at White house to meet US President Trump , The funny incident occurred when guard opened two doors of car as they thought Modi may be along with his wife. But it was surprise for them that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is without wife. At white house, during Modi´s handshake with Trump, Unlike other world leaders, Modi G´s all focus was on trump only and he avoids Trump´s wife .
THE US President has become known for his intimidating handshake that suddenly yanks his political peers into his own personal space.
It looks like Trump wanted to keep his distance when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi went in for a warm embrace during his visit to the White House.
Photos of the awkward hug attempt show Trump avoiding contact with Modi by hovering his hands just above the back of the PM’s suit jacket.

Ironically, the two world leaders had just wrapped up a joint press conference on the strength of the US-India relationship when the uncomfortable interaction occurred.
“Prime Minister Modi and I are world leaders in social media … giving the citizens of our country the opportunity to hear directly from their elected officials,” he said.
“We are believers.”
He might not feel the same way when these photos go viral on Twitter.
The question is why Trump was avoiding Modi hug? May be Trump knows Modi’s secret?
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