Caught On Camera: Woman jumps in front of moving train in Mumbai

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hree coaches of an approaching local passed over a 22-year-old at Andheri station, but she remained in the gap under the wheels, without touching them
More than a dozen commuters died by accident on the city’s railway tracks on rain-lashed Saturday but a 22-year-old woman, who seemingly intended to end her life, was drawn out alive from under a train.

The woman, Kshitija Suryavanshi, jumped in front of a local pulling in at Andheri station right after an apparently stressful call with her boyfriend and was pulled out alive after three coaches of the train went over her. The incident, captured on surveillance footage, shows her talking over phone near the edge of the platform late on Saturday afternoon and suddenly leaping on to the tracks before the approaching train.
Kshitija, a resident of Andheri, routinely boards from the suburban station to go to her typing classes in Vile Parle. On Saturday around 5.30 pm, she arrived at the station as usual but stood at one end of platform number four while talking on her cell phone.

In the CCTV recording, she can be seen hanging up the call up and waiting casually for a few seconds before abruptly jumping in front of the train. Commuters who witnessed the incident are seen rushing to the spot as the train finally comes to a halt after the motorman hits the brake. In the meantime, three coaches pass over her.
After the incident, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the Government Railway Police (GRP) officials rushed to her aid and brought her out from under the train. She made it out alive and unhurt but for some bruises because she had landed in the middle of the rail track, without coming in contact with the train wheels, lying safe in the gap between the chassis and the tracks


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