Caught On Camera : Dog killed Cobra Snake

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Watch out how a dog killed a cobra snake in Madhya Pradesh.

At 500 every year, snake bite deaths lead in ‘calamitous’ fatalities in State

Among incidents officially recognised as calamities in Odisha, snake bites lead lightning strikes and drowning in causing fatalities. In the State, snake bites kill close to 500 people every year.

Since the 2015 announcement by the Odisha government categorising snake bite as a state-specific calamity, deaths recorded due to snake bites increased from 411 in 2015-16 to 486 in 2016-17. Since April this year, as many as 34 lives have already been lost in Odisha due to snake bite. Nationally, the State leads in snake bite deaths recorded in government-run hospitals.

The surge in snake-bite death data may well be due to just better recording. “Ever since Odisha added snake bite as a State-specific calamity and announced that ex-gratia for loss of life would be paid from the disaster relief fund, snake bite deaths have registered a sharp jump,” Prabhat Ranjan Mohapatra, Deputy Special Relief Commissioner, told The Hindu.


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