Babbu Mann faces criticism over his new Song “Barish De Bahane”

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Punjabi popular singer Babbu Mann who is know for singing as well as outspoken nature is facing criticism on social media due to his new song Barish De bahane. People criticised him for using bold avatar of Model as well as lyrics. Babbu Mann faces criticism on his social media accounts specially on his facebook page.
Some comments by viewers:
Taani Jagdev Such a crap. 22 g i respect you a lot. And always waiting for something like pyaas and ohi chann ohi ratan. This video is so meaningless. I hope we will get the legendary BM back asap. And when people use legend for you that’s best compliment but using it for ur ownself is not good.

Sukhi Handa Really disappointed 😞..first tym I feel lyk that …oh b.m kithe aw Hun.I m ur big fan.firstly I liked this post bcoz I feel u r alwaz my favorite ..but after watching this song ..really feel bad bcoz I appricated u frm my heart .

Kamal Kaur BEautiful Song …simply awsome although I dont see any connection with the video clip,, i just felt that there should have been MORE MATERIAL On the Fenale here ….fine with really extra small tops but At least they shoud be proper sexy tops…NOT in undergarments…sachi very embarasing …was going to share it but no…!!..Good song though !!

Video: Zee Music Company


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