Man chops off his daughter’s ears claims she was controlled by supernatural powers

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Claiming to be acting on the command of ghosts, a man chopped off his step-daughter’s ears in east Delhi’s GTB Enclave on Thursday. The girl was saved from a worse fate by police intervening just as he was about to slash her neck. The severed ears have been preserved in hospital and doctors will attempt to reattach them on Friday.
When contacted, Ravindra Yadav, joint commissioner (eastern range), confirmed the incident. The man has been arrested and a charge of attempt to murder under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against him.
The cops suspect Amrit Bahadur, 35, is mentally unstable. They are likely to apprise jail authorities of the need to provide treatment. Bahadur told police that “ghosts” visited him around 2am on Thursday and asked him to make his stepdaughter Bina cry if she was not to die.

To please the ghosts, Bahadur first poured water on Bina and made her cry. However, he told the cops, the ghosts then demanded blood. “So, I chopped a bit of her ear. But they asked me to give them her entire ear, so I sliced both her ears and kept them in a corner so that they could collect them,” he said.
Hearing the girl’s screams, Bahadur’s wife and other children woke up. Shocked by the bloody scene, they scrambled to stop him from further attacking Bina, but he turned on them. By this time, some neighbours too had woken up.
Police were informed, and the cops reached the house just in time to prevent further tragedy. “When our team entered the house, the man was about to slash the girl’s throat,” said Nupur Prasad, DCP (Shahdara).
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