Caught on camera: Clash between Metro staff and Policeman

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The Visvesvaraya Metro Station which is also known as Central College station in Bengaluru began hotting up literally right since 6 am on July 6, as a metro staff and a cop on duty there got into a major spat with each other.
As the cop began assaulting the staff, the other staff members joined hands. The station witnessed the two groups at loggerheads until those involved were finally taken to the police station.
The visuals of the incident show a police personnel walking down the halted escalator. The staff questions him on this, and the police constable slaps the metro staff. This footage has been captured in the CCTV camera in the Metro station.

However, after a while, another video of Metro staff assaulting some police personnel started being telecasted on media. The police assaulting the Metro staffer is said to have angered them, who took the police to task.
But there are also reports speculating that the Metro service begins at 5 am. It is said that the police personnel deployed to check the bags and people before they enter the Concourse were not in on time, and people were seen walking inside without checking. When one of the Metro staff questioned a police constable on this, the fight is said to have broken.
A complaint has been filed at Cubbon Park Police Station where the Metro staff who assaulted the police personnel have been called in for questioning.
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