Gangster Vicky Gounder posts Facebook check-in at Bangkok club

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Punjab’s most wanted gangster who escaped in the Nabha jailbreak last year, Harjinder Singh Bhullar, better known as Vicky Gounder, posted a Facebook ‘check-in’ at a Bangkok nightclub on Monday, conveying that he has managed to flee to Thailand. But the police said they had no such information and it could be a diversionary hoax.

Meanwhile, additional director general of police (ADGP), law and order, Rohit Chaudhary said, “As far as our information is concerned, gangsters have left Punjab for the time being after the state government’s special drive against them. There is no information as such about any of them reaching Bangkok. All these can be hoax posts just to divert our attention.”

Gounder has been on a roll after the jailbreak and reportedly murdered three men from rival gangs in Gurdaspur in April. Last week, he posted on Facebook that the police planned to eliminate him in a fake encounter.

Vicky Gounder writes on his facebook account:
Ssa saare mere veeraa te bhenaa nu
mai jado kl oh munde aali video dekhi te menu shak ho gya c ki ah munda ohi ha ( brar moge wala) ate mere kde is nal phone ta dur pr chat tk ni hoyi hegi eh munda sadiya boht photos upload krda c like krda c sada fan c but tussi us murde de group aalyo njayaj hi kutte khani kri bnde naal salyo eda thode vi bhut fan ha asi vi thokan lag gye edha phr ta majha doaba khatam smjo te jehdi tussi aah harkat kiti ha india ake tohanu vi edha hi nanga karanga just wait and watch ik sneha mere veera lyi jehde sade fans ne sadiya photos upload krde ha jedha ki aah brar jehda munda c is nu kudi de help nal enhane apne jaal ch fasaya te tuhade nal vi edha ho skta ha so request ha sare veera nu ki bcho edha de trap to te ah kutte sukhe de group aale vi kutte hi ne



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