Swami Om thrashed by women in public

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Swami Om, the infamous contestant of Bigg Boss 10 and the self-proclaimed Godman was beaten up by women in Delhi. Apparently, Swami Om had gone to attempt a candle march to condemn the terror attack on Amarnath Yatra at the Jantar Mantar. A video of women beating the notorious contestant of Bigg Boss 1o has gone viral and received different kinds of reactions on social media.

This video has managed to put Swami Om back in the news once again. He is not oblivious to controversies since he stepped inside the Bigg Boss house. For quite some time in the show, the host Salman Khan and other contestants tolerated his antics. But Swami Om crossed all limits when he threw piss at other contestants to win a competition. This got him thrown out of from the house. After the eviction, Swami Om threatened that if he isn’t called for the finale, he would sabotage the big day of the reality show,
Now that Bigg Boss has ended, none of the contestants stay in limelight as much as Swami Om. This is not the first time that Swami Om has been beaten up by people. A few weeks ago at an event held to celebrate Nathu Ram Ghodse’s birth anniversary in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar, women had protested his felicitation.


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